Monday, April 6, 2009

FLCC Spring Clinic on Randonneuring

This past Sunday I volunteered to give a presentation on randonneuring during a spring clinic at my local cycling club (FLCC). Other presenters were Steve Powell and Andrejs Ozolins on self-contained touring, Bill Goffe on credit card touring and John Dennis on health tips as they relate to cycling, in particular long distance events.

The turnout was great and I was very happy to see a crowd that showed great interest. John Dennis gave me a very flattering introduction, and I am grateful for that. We all had a good time, there were plenty of funny moments and I believe the attendees left with a much better understanding of what randonneuring is all about.

I have uploaded my presentation to scribd. See below.

FLCC Spring Clinic Randonneuring FLCC Spring Clinic Randonneuring Juan PLC Salazar This is a presentation I gave at my local cycling club on randonneuring. I think it gives a fair overview of this wonderful sport.

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