Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Supernova E3 installation

Today I finally installed my Supernova E3. I spent quite some time thinking about the several options for mounting the light. In the end I made the choice for a handlebar mounted light. The reason being I have a racing bike that I also use for brevets. So I would like to make the bike as randonneuring friendly as possible, without having to make major modifications. To accomplish this I decided to insert an extra connection between the hub and the light that allows me to remove the light quickly. I then swap the front wheel and there is no evidence of a light except for a bit of wire attached to the front fork. Take a look at the pictures below. Feedback is most welcome. I'd love to try out something better.


Bau said...

Juan, I've taken a look at your thoughts, I don't understand much about that sport, but I can tell you that your enjoyable account makes me feel like bycicling 2! Beijos!

Juan PLC Salazar said...

Hi Bau,

Thanks for your comment. I hope others will find the ride reports interesting and maybe feel inspired to bicycle. Cycling is wonderful and I can't imagine my life without it.