Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bike Riding in the Winter Months

After the great success of the "Tour de Solstice", Andrejs Ozolins encouraged me to think of other opportunities where we could promote the use of bicycles. I then scanned the Ithaca calendar for upcoming events, when I noticed the Chili Cook-Off and Winterfest. The cost of a table at the event for non-profit organizations was only $10. The idea was quickly sold and many more people are now involved. My participation in the event will consist in volunteering at the table, full in cycling gear, and also distributing an article on bike riding in the winter months, which was written with the help of Rick Carpenter, Dan Timmerman and Eric Smith among others. With Scribd I am able to share this document beforehand, here on the blog.

Winter Riding


bsk said...

Looks good. Nice to see someone admit that winter cycling clothes do not have to be expensive.

Two additions:
-Below freezing, you don't need waterproof clothing/goretex if you have fenders.
-If you have trouble keeping your hands/feet warm, fill any extra space in your gloves/shoes with raw wool. Works wonders...

Otherwise, lots of layers. The kit I used this winter for to/from work (20 miles total, every workday, until two weeks ago) consists of:
-Carhartt long johns (25$, cotton does not kill)
-Merino leggings (5-50$, ones made sold for hunting are cheap but not as nice)
-Old wool dress pants from Salvo.
- Two random merino sweaters. (cheap at salvo)
- merino turtleneck, top pulled over face (cheap at salvo)
- Old columbia fleece. (everyone has an old light jacket)
- Army surplus trigger finger mitten w/wool inserts. Lobster gloves didnt work for me (to moist); these allow you to shift sti shifters with your "trigger finger". (15$ online)
- Hiking boots with wool socks on grippy flat touring pedals.
-polyester "liquor-store-robber" face mask. Looks stupid, but covers the face and head just the right amount ( without making you sweat)

This kept me warm even on the coldest mornings this year, -5 F maybe. Note that I have the cycling specific versions of most of these items, but don't wear them because I don't care for how they trap moisture.

Perhaps this was too much for a comment....

Juan PLC Salazar said...

Thanks bsk, I am sure anyone who visits this blog will gain from your insightful comment. I too have issue with the amount of moisture trapped by some of my cold weather gear. I thibnk this has largely to due with my outer shell, the "Double Century" jacket. Next time I'll keep the zippers under the armpits open. Maybe that will make a difference.